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Leprosy Mailing List – April 12,  2017

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From:  Pieter Schreuder, Maastricht, the netherlands


Dear LML reader,


The problems we faced in February 2017 have been solved. Nevertheless, I would strongly advise to have a look at our blog once a while.


For example, Dr. Dinkar D. Palande  and Dr. Sunil Deepak have produced a pdf file based on slides of Dr. Palande namely “Nerve Surgery in Leprosy”. You will find this pdf file on our blog, but you could also access it be downloaded from the LML archives at the following link:


For those who joined LML more recently: LML is an e-mail based forum for exchange of information, mutual support, training and discussions on leprosy among persons based in different countries and continents. It runs at a volunteer level for more than fifteen years. With gradual decrease in incidence of leprosy and leprosy related expertise in many parts of the world, perhaps its most important role is for supporting persons working in leprosy control and rehabilitation in low endemic situations.  


LML was started by Dr. Salvatore Noto. Since 2006, the archives of LML are hosted by the website of “Associazione Italiana Amici di Raoul Follereau” (AIFO), in Bologna, Italy. AIFO also manages the leprosy mailing list blog that publishes all messages circulated on LML. All the archives of LML, including attached documents are freely consultable. Today four persons are involved in the running, on a voluntarily basis, of this initiative, namely Sunil Deepak, from India, Bernard Naafs, from the Netherlands, Salvatore Noto from Italy and Pieter Schreuder from the Netherlands. Pieter Schreuder is presently the chief editor.


Objectives and Functioning

The specific objectives of the LML are: 1) divulge information about leprosy, its causes, prevention and treatment; 2) share information about management of leprosy control activities and programmes; 3) share information about socio-cultural aspects of leprosy and rehabilitation of patients with disabilities; 4) offer a distance learning tool in leprosy for health professionals; and 5) create a forum to discuss the main issues on leprosy and its control activities and programmes.


Contributions like papers, clinical cases, letters, comments, reports etc. are sent to the moderator via e-mail, who edits them in a common format and are then circulated among the members. Often prior to circulation of the documents, there is an exchange of opinions between the moderator and the contributor, to clarify or modify points that are not clear.


LML is not only a forum for those still active in the field of leprosy, but it also offers the opportunity to those not active in the field of leprosy anymore, but who have a wide and valuable experience to share. In this way contributing to the education of their young successors.

Anyone is welcome to contribute to our LML forum. Any contribution or opinion is welcome as long as that can be supported or corroborated, preferably by references from literature.



Best wishes,



Pieter AM Schreuder

LML - S Deepak, B Naafs, S Noto and P Schreuder

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