Sunday, February 11, 2018

(LML) In memoriam Dr. Dullobho Poriccha

Leprosy Mailing List – February 11 ,  2018

Ref.: (LML) In memoriam Dr. Dullobho Poriccha  

From:  Cdr. Narsimham, Orissa, India


Dear Dr. Schreuder,



Would you be so kind to publish this poem as in memoriam for Dr. Dullobho Poriccha, who had dedicated his working life to the fight against leprosy.



Dr Dullobho Porichha

Born 10 Sep 1944

Died  07 Sep 2017


And a life quietly wrapped up
Without a whimper or whisper heard
Silently passed on to another world

Left behind a conundrum of jargons –
Flummoxed narrative shall go on
Of what led to a hasty obedience

For the teary eyes live to tell
How death struck many a grievous blows
Before the departed finally let go

Of artistic zeal and will to live
Breaking bonds to set free from
A family's love, a fraternity's pride

Endgame is played out for all
But only a few make a virtuous exit
And in their leaving, render grace a destitute



Thanks and regards,



Cdr Narsimham


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