Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dr A Ghosh’s contribution. Community Dermatology

Leprosy Mailing List – December 20th, 2011
Ref.:    Dr A Ghosh’s contribution. Community Dermatology
From: T. Ryan, Oxford, UK

Dear Salvatore,
Anjan Ghosh [LML Dec. 17th 2011] has made a lucid and informative contribution which everyone with an interest in the future of leprosy should read.  I am disappointed that there is no mention and discussion of the contribution the profession of dermatology should make to the future.  Of course the majority of Dermatologists in private practice do not want to be part of an outreach of a new elimination programme.  However all will be willing to be part of its advocacy and that could be helpful. 
What the old brigade and that includes Ghosh's supervisors, do not realise is that there is a developing branch of Dermatology named Community Dermatology.  Ryan Tj (2011) The International Society of Dermatology's Task force for Skin care for ALL: Community Dermatology.  International Journal of Dermatology 50: 548-551.  Nine articles under this heading follow. There is a CD with 41 accounts of successful practice.  Leprosy is included as a topic in both.  
Leprosy is predominantly a skin disease and unless those who supervise the future have an expectation that Dermatology will make a significant contribution in the future and invite them to the forums that discuss the future it will be difficult for Community Dermatology to plan to be part of that future.  I recognise that there are Dermatologists playing a leadership role but sadly such involvement most frequently sees them drop the title of Dermatologist.

Terence Ryan
Email: userry282(at)aol.com

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