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(LML) 27 years of Joyful services to leprosy patients by Madurai leprosy centre - India

Leprosy Mailing List – August 18,  2017

Ref.:  (LML) 27 years of Joyful services to leprosy patients by Madurai leprosy centre - India

From:  S. Maria Xavier Turtius, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India


Dear Pieter,


Madurai Health and Leprosy Relief center is an NGO doing leprosy eradication and Rehabilitation services since the year of 1991. They celebrating 26th foundation day in 9th August 2016.  Thousands and thousands of leprosy affected people were benefited through this organization in which charitable services have been rendered.

This charity was founded by Dr .S. Maria Xavier in the year of 1991. The founder cum executive secretary Dr. S. Maria Xavier told our editor that India is a country where in leprosy affected people are in large number. Conducting leprosy awareness programme is very much needed to make them know about the symptom of leprosy and the ways to manage it and thereby reduce the number of leprosy affected people especially in Madurai district.

So our organization is conducting the awareness classes to the school children, college youths, rural peoples and women’s self-help groups. Through this programme we identified the new leprosy cases and treat them free of cost.

In the year of the 1999, we started the leprosy rehabilitation programme to the leprosy affected people, particularly deformed people. Due to this deformity they are not able to get the job like the normal human being and also most of our beneficiaries are un- educated.  The objective of this programme is to develop the economic condition of leprosy affected people (Income generating programme for leprosy affected). Through our rehabilitation programmes, we are supporting them financially for buying milky animals’ like goats, sheep, cows, starting petty shop and tea shop, development of vessel business, flower business etc. From 1999 to till now more than 70 persons were benefited through these rehabilitation programmes.

Our leprosy center ‘Mahelerecen Maruthuva Maiyam’ is working in Koodal Nagar -Chelliya Nagar, Madurai. Leprosy patients are coming from different parts of Madurai district for treatment; physiotherapy for leprosy patients is also available in the centre. Every month with support of ‘Velammal Medical College’ we are conducting special medical camp for the leprosy affected persons at our Mahelerecen Maruthuva Maiyam. (18th August also this special medical camp be held)

Other than the above, our medical team members are going through ‘Mobile Medical unit’ to the different part of villages in Madurai district and treat the leprosy affected. Due to illness some leprosy patients not able to travel to reach our leprosy centre for treatment.  So we are reaching the unreached.   

Guidelines of ‘Help Age India’, we formed the ‘Elders Self Help Groups’ in Madurai rural areas for the benefit of leprosy affected, other common disabled and elders. Through this groups to raise the savings mentality and also the social economic development for this uncared leprosy people in the society


During this time we often remember St. Mother Theresa and her service to leprosy affected. This Madurai charity is also doing the excellence service for the deserving community of leprosy affected. 


Thanking you,

Dr.S. Maria Xavier Turtius,
Executive Secretary

Madurai Health And Leprosy Relief Centre (MAHELERECEN)

12/10 Sister Rose Second Street,
Tamil Nadu,
Phone 91-452-2360159, Mobile :
E mail :
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