Friday, October 27, 2017

(LML) Jacques Kongawi Kinda

Leprosy Mailing List – October 27,  2017

Ref.:   (LML) Jacques Kongawi Kinda

From:  Jacques Kongawi Kinda, Kinshasa, CDR


Dear Pieter,

Please accept warmest greetings from DR Jacques Kongawi Kinda

I had been working for leprosy patients  from 1992 to 2014 as ALM
representative in DRC.
I was awarded for Damian Dutton in New York in 2009.

Because I am devoted for leprosy patients, I want to continue serving
the patients I love.  In case there is an opportunity any where for
someone who has experiences on leprosy , please let me know.

If needed, I can send you my CV


Dr. Jacques Kongawi Kinda


Notes editor:

-       In general we do not accept for publication these kind of applications. We have made an acception for Dr. Kinda. As far as I remember this is only the second time we made such an exception since I am the editor. Please, do not try your luck.

-       You may have noticed that we are sending our letters by in stead of through OUTLOOK. For unknown reasons OUTLOOK is blocking our communications since a few weeks. How long this will last we do not know.


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