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(LML) ILEP Learning Guides


Leprosy Mailing List – May 10,  2018

Ref.:    (LML) ILEP Learning Guides

From:  Richard de Soldenhoff, Edinburgh, Scotland


Dear Pieter and Paul,

I teach the Glasgow DTM&H students every year and am allocated about 2 to 2 and a half hours for Clinical Leprosy and Leprosy Control. I recall that I had Stanley Browne for 3 whole days in Liverpool in 1978!

It is obvious that a very cursory presentation is all that can be achieved in the short time available to me, which also includes some practical sessions on testing skin patches for sensory loss, palpation of peripheral nerves and a basic (Fritchi-style) VMT/ST.

However, I provide some handouts, the most important being a brief list of useful leprosy health learning materials (copy attached). I stress that the most useful are the 2 ILEP learning guides, which they may want to glance at in a free moment. Some of the students will never see a case of leprosy, but some of them will, and my main aim is to ensure that a small bell rings when a suspicious lesion presents itself. The ringing of the bell may then alert them to the need to look up the texts which they are aware of. I do not have copies of the CDs but do have copies of the printed versions.  I would be appalled if these extremely well written, necessary booklets were not available from the ILEP website. I do not consider other versions to be quite so essential.

With kind regards,


Dr Richard de Soldenhoff
42 Drummond Place
Edinburgh EH3 6NR
Scotland, UK
Tel (+44) 01315567979/07770751578

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