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(LML) ILEP Learning Guides

Leprosy Mailing List – May 14,  2018

Ref.:    (LML) ILEP Learning Guides

From:  Henk Eggens, Santa Comba Dão, Portugal


Dear Pieter,


I also like to read old books. But guidelines should be as updated as possible.

Below is a list of ILEP publications and the years of their appearances. Most are over ten years old!


I think we should encourage ILEP to start the process of updating their excellent, but somewhat outdated guides.


Not only is this necessary because of the upcoming new WHO MDT regimen that were announced earlier this year. After the official WHO publication of these MDT guidelines, most country programmes will adopt these WHO guidelines sooner or later, I presume. This will have implications for rewriting some of the ILEP guides.

Moreover, it seems to me that, in the recent ten years or so, valuable lessons were learned in many aspects of clinical leprosy, leprosy control and related problems. These new insights also warrant an update of the guidelines.


Best regards,


Henk Eggens



ILEP Technical guides


Guidelines for the social and economic rehabilitation of people affected by leprosy, 1999

Facilitating the integration process, 2003

Stages and steps in the integration process, 2003

Training in leprosy, 2003



ILEP Learning guides


1: How to diagnose and treat leprosy, 2001

2: How to recognise and manage leprosy reactions, 2002

3: How to do a skin smear examination for leprosy, 2003

4: How to prevent disability in leprosy, 2006



ILEP Stigma guidelines


1: What is health-related stigma? 2011

2: How to assess health-­related stigma, 2011

3: A roadmap to stigma reduction: an empowerment intervention, 2011

4: Counselling to reduce stigma, 2011



Other ILEP publications


The interpretation of epidemiological indicators in leprosy, 2001

Technical guide on community-based rehabilitation and leprosy (WHO/ILEP), 2007

Triple Jeopardy: Tackling the discrimination facing girls and women with leprosy, 2015


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