Thursday, August 9, 2018

(LML) Manifest against the implementation of U-MDT

Leprosy Mailing List – August 9,  2018

Ref.:    (LML) Manifest against the implementation of U-MDT

From: Joseph Kawuma, Kampala, Uganda


Dear Pieter,


In response to the submission by Dr. Ajit P (LML July 26, 2018), Dr. Shetty V P (LML Aug 7,2018) has mentioned (in passing), that a punch biopsy is a " waste of time and effort in cases with doubtful skin lesions...".


I suspect that world-wide some people must be still using this "tool" to obtain biopsy material for the diagnosis of leprosy (new or relapse). Some further justification of this statement would be appreciated as indeed reliability of diagnoses of leprosy and leprosy-relapses is core element of the on-going discussion on U-MDT.



H Joseph Kawuma

Clara Skin Clinic, Kampala, Uganda 


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