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Drugs used in treatment of erythema nodosum leprosum (ENL) - Invitation for short survey

Leprosy Mailing List – February 22nd, 2011

Ref.:   Drugs used in treatment of erythema nodosum leprosum (ENL) - Invitation for short survey
From: Voorend C., Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Dear Dr. Salvatore Noto and Dr. Pieter Schreuder,
I would very much appreciate if you would be able to kindly inform the LML readers on the study and the survey I am conducting (on the topic of clofazimine demand/supply in ENL treatment). Unfortunately, due to time restrictions I need to collect the responses within the next few weeks.  With many thanks in advance and kind regards,
Carlijn Voorend

Dear Dr. Salvatore Noto and Dr. Pieter Schreuder,
 I would kindly like to invite the LML readers for participating in a short survey on the demand and supply of clofazimine in treatment of Erythema Nodosum Leprosum (ENL). This survey is part of a larger study on the topic that the leprosy unit of the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) is currently conducting on request of the Novartis Foundation.  
Leading leprologists, and clinicians dealing with leprosy, as well as national coordinators of leprosy elimination control programmes, leprosy-NGO coordinators, and district coordinators, are invited to participate in this short survey which forms part of the larger study on the topic.  
The short survey covers:
• Protocol of treatment in ENL
• Availability of clofazimine and other drugs
• Occurrence of ENL

Your response to this short survey is highly valuable to be able to provide definite recommendations on the improvement of the supply of drugs for ENL treatment. Participation in this short survey is highly appreciated before the 10th of March (date when the survey will close).  This will only take approximately 15 min of your time and your response will be treated confidential. Please use the following link to access the short survey:
Please contact me for any questions on this survey or study: c.voorend(at)
Thanking you in advance on behalf of Dr. Erik Post,

With kind regards,

Ms. Carlijn Voorend
Junior advisor
Leprosy & Tuberculosis Unit

Royal Tropical Institute
E-mail:  c.voorend(at)
T +31 (0)20 59 50 514
F +31 (0)20 568 8444
Wibautstraat 137, 1097 DN, The Netherlands

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