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(LML) MDTU and the risk of emergence of resistant strains

Leprosy Mailing List – November 2,  2017

Ref.:    (LML) MDTU and the risk of emergence of resistant strains

From:  Roberta Romero, San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines


Dear Dr. Schreuder,


I have the same experience as Dr. Roberta concerning deaths associated with lepra type 2 reaction (LML, November 2, 2017).


In my place, Kerala, prevalence of leprosy was low when I began practice in 1990. I was involved in conducting leprosy camps as a post graduate under a not much celebrated professor late JN Shetty and later during early 1990s with voluntary organizations.


In 1988 I saw a death due to type 2 reaction due to hepatitis. I am not sure if this case history was published. Now I am seeing several multibacillary cases presenting with type 2 reaction when diagnosed for the first time. I am currently managing a case with intense hand swelling and patches elsewhere. He is very irregular in therapy. He is an advocate and often worried about his disease status.


Until recently Indian law allowed divorce for leprosy. Painfully I was an expert to confirm diagnosis of lepromatous leprosy in a woman facing a divorce case some 20 years ago.  


Dr. S.R. Narahari MD, DVD (Modern Dermatology)



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