Thursday, November 16, 2017

(LML) Steroid Dependency and the use of Methotrexate

Leprosy Mailing List – November 16,  2017

Ref.:   (LML)  Steroid Dependency and the use of Methotrexate

From:  Terence J Ryan, Oxford, UK

Dear Pieter,

Thank you for distributing my comments (LML, November 13, 2017).

I should have included a recently published ill effect of an herbal.

-       Gonui M, Keseroglu H and Hacinecipoglu F (2016). A Case of methotrexate intoxication in a patient with psoriasis who drank beetroot juice during methotrexate treatment. Clinical and Experimental Dermatology 41:893-895

One should always ask about what health foods are being taken.

In a world where the Traditional Health Practitioner is first on call I am in favour of their education rather than any attempt to abolish their practice. A recent (2016) publication (Supplement On Integrated Medicine by SR Narahari and myself ) of the Indian Current Science discusses this at length and includes an article on Leprosy by David Chandler.

Terence J Ryan

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