Thursday, November 9, 2017

(LML) Steroid Dependency and the use of Methotrexate

Leprosy Mailing List – November 9,  2017

Ref.:   (LML)  Steroid Dependency and the use of Methotrexate

From:  Arry Pongtiku, Papua, Indonesia


Dear Pieter,


Thank you so much to bring the issue of steroid dependency and the use of Methotrexate (MTX) (LML, October 18 and 28, and November 1). I am also glad to know that the MTX is very cheap where clofazimine high dose not always available. Chronic ENL is a difficult to treat, some patients became crippled and  died in the field.


My friend, dr Vivi Sumolang in Jayapura, a dermatologist, experienced to use the MTX for psoriasis. We would like to make a small study with start MTX 10 mg once a week with folic acid after 3 days as mentioned by experts in previous email.


We do not have the protocol yet in Indonesia.  We should have some criteria to use the MTX and consider of side effect of the drug, where chronic ENL and dependent steroid frequently appear with poor health condition and lower haemoglobin (hb). Trigger factors for reactions and rest must be paramount.




Arry Pongtiku, Papua, Indonesia

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