Saturday, January 20, 2018

(LML) Chemoprophylaxis in Leprosy


Leprosy Mailing List – January 20,  2018

Ref.:    (LML) Chemoprophylaxis in Leprosy

From:  Joel Almeida, Mumbai and London


Dear Pieter,


Thanks for the informative manuscript on Leprosy (Joel Almeida, LML January 13, 2018). One thing we must correct from past information of increased transmission chance towards LL spectrum. For the information of everyone, I've seen cases of children developing clinical Leprosy ahead of the parents whom could be the possible source of infection.


Please be vigilant about pre-clinical transmission of Leprosy. Any advice on how to device a study protocol will be very much appreciated.



Dr. Luisa A. Venida

Fellow, Philippine Dermatological Society  & Consultant, Jose Reyes Memorial 

Medical Center, Manila, Philippines 

LML - S Deepak, B Naafs, S Noto and P Schreuder

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