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(LML) Supreme Court of India and discrimatory laws

Leprosy Mailing List – January 16,  2017

Ref.:   (LML)  Supreme Court of India and discrimatory laws

From:  Joel Almeida, Mumbai and London

Dear Pieter,


A non-governmental organization in India petitioned the Supreme Court to declare as unconstitutional those laws which discriminate against people suffering from leprosy.


The central government responded by stating its intention to take remedial action against discriminatory laws.


The Supreme Court also directed the state governments to take similar action so that there will be no such discrimination.




This is another milestone for not just people affected by leprosy, but also for astute use of the courts in India.


The Supreme Court had, in response to previous public interest litigation, directed the government to intensify its efforts against leprosy, to appoint sufficient leprosy workers, and to publish the concealed findings of sample surveys that were apparently inconsistent with claims of a decline in leprosy in India.


Congratulations to all those who worked to make such changes happen.


Joel Almeida



Note editor: It is likely that there are more countries with such laws. How about your country and if so what could be done about it?

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