Tuesday, December 8, 2015

(LML) Dr. Robert Jacobson

Leprosy Mailing List – December 8,  2015

Ref.:   (LML)  Dr. Robert Jacobson

From:  Jaison Barreto, Bauru, Brazil


Dear Pieter,


It is indeed sad news. Our teachers are passing away, and it seems that the knowledge about leprosy is going with them. Eleven years ago, we lost Dr. Opromolla. Almost two years ago, Dr. Fleury has passed away.

The prevalence has gone down, and today all the countries declared leprosy eliminated. But the number of new cases with grade 2 disability does not advocate this good news. We fight against leprosy, but our ignorance about the enemy as neglect by governments make the battle almost impossible to win.  And M.leprae will continue alive, while we underestimate it. This is its military strategy, and we are playing its game. How long? How long must we sing this song?



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