Thursday, June 14, 2018

(LML) Single-dose rifampicin chemoprophylaxis


Leprosy Mailing List – June 14,  2018

Ref.:  (LML) Single-dose rifampicin chemoprophylaxis 

From:  Paul Saunderson, Ålesund, Norway

Dear Pieter,

Ben Naafs has flagged the letter written by Diana Lockwood and colleagues in PLoS NTDs, indicating their concerns about the promotion of single-dose rifampicin (SDR) for contacts of new cases, to prevent leprosy.

This debate has been going on for some months, and the forthcoming issue of Leprosy Review (June 2018) contains several relevant papers, including a very thoughtful Editorial by David Addiss of the Task Force for Global Health, entitled "Evidence, opportunity, ethics and the allure of zero leprosy."

The issue also contains the first interim report of the LPEP study, which will be of interest to many, as well as a letter from Professors Richardus and Smith about the misconceptions and misinterpretations that have arisen around the well-known COLEP study in Bangladesh, and which give rise to many of the criticisms being made by Lockwood et al

Paul Saunderson,

Editor, Leprosy Review

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