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18th International Leprosy Congress, Brussels, 16 - 19 September 2013


Leprosy Mailing List – December 16th, 2012

Ref.:    (LML) 18th International Leprosy Congress, Brussels, 16 - 19 September 2013

From:  P K Das, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Dear Salvatore,

I completely agree with Dr. Salafia's message [LML Dec. 3rd, 2012].  As a long standing researcher in immuno-dermatopathology and leprosy I have observed how all the workshops etc. of the International Leprosy Congress are put into programme by the same group of people, all the past years.


Leprosy is primarily a debilitating disease affecting the peripheral nerves, the Congress must concentrate on everything that deals with nerve damage, its treatment and the elucidation of nerve damage and therapy (whether medical or surgery).


I suggest without any argument the programme must include the followings:

1. Nerve involvement and treatment;

2. Biomarkers (what we know) for diagnosis and monitoring the patients;

3. Pain and wounds in leprosy: Cause and patho-physiology;

4. Drug resistance in leprosy what does it really mean?  Is it just the exercise for the Molecular technology?

5. Transmission how, why and what to be done for containment of leprosy successfully;

6. Let's look back to the progress made since last congress in Hyderabad.


I shall like to hear suggestions independent of the organising programme committee.








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