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Urban Leprosy


Leprosy Mailing List – May 9,  2013 

Ref.:    (LML)  Urban Leprosy

From:  Dr. F. Gajete, Manila, Philippines

Dear Pieter,



The issue of Urban Leprosy in the Philippines is reflected in our prevalence map, which  shows  that the majority of our patients on MDT are located in the  Metropolitan Area of Manila because of migration (work and education). They do not necessarily stay in slum areas; most are renting low cost apartments or dormitories.


I agree with both Dr Marivic Balagon and Dr Karr.


From 2013 onwards (2018), the National Leprosy Control Program of the Philippines hopes  to establish the following measures:


1. An efficient two-way referral system, providing a Patient ID card which includes a treatment schedule at the back of the card;


2.  A Surveillance System Network for Leprosy Prevention and Control thru the Leprosy Information System; soon to be merged with the Malaria/Schistosomiasis/ Soil transmitted Helmithiasis/Filariasis Information System as an integrated Program;


3.  Enforce Accompanied MDT among special cases, like migrant workers, whereby MDT is given provided there is a treatment partner who acts as a drug intake monitor/guide. This person looks out as well for leprosy complications for immediate treatment in an identified referral facility.


Thank you very much for sharing me this mail.


My warmest regards,




Dr Francesca Gajete,MD,MHA

National Leprosy Control Program Manager



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