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The Diagnosis of Leprosy


Leprosy Mailing List – August 1,  2013 

Ref.:  (LML)   The Diagnosis of Leprosy

From:  PAM Schreuder, Maastricht, The Netherlands


Dear LML readers,


Some weeks ago we sent you the text file of "The Diagnosis of Leprosy". This communication will include the PowerPoint files with the slides as referred to in the text.


The objective of this LML Distance Learning Guide was to make available a concise and practical guide on how to diagnose leprosy. Since its first publication in 2010 this guide has been enthusiastically received and translated into other languages. The new version we sent you recently is an update of the 2010 guide.


The intention of this learning guide was not to be a substitute for WHO technical guides, ILEP teaching guides, national manuals and guidelines, textbooks or other important learning tools and materials. Nor can any guide or manual replace practical teaching, on-the-job training, learning through collaboration with patients, follow-up of patients on treatment and of patients at risk and/or with complications. The reader is referred to text books and other publications to complete the study of this subject. Many of the concepts reported in the written text are from authors listed in the section Sources and References.


This brief course "The Diagnosis of Leprosy" is made up of a written text and a set of slides. Additionally, clinical images can be requested from S. Noto when needed for training purposes and Word/PowerPoint files will be available for downloading from the LML Archives webpage. The text and related slides have been divided into three parts ("Introduction", "Cardinal signs" and "Diagnosis and the clinical spectrum of leprosy"). All comments and contributions will be accepted and hopefully included in further editions of the course.


We are very grateful to Enrico Nunzi for his revision of the course and to Augusto da Costa Nery, Antonio Salafia and Grace Warren, for making their slides available, Andrea Clapasson for revising the laboratory section and Anne Chadwick for revising the English.



Salvatore Noto, Pieter A M Schreuder and Bernard Naafs,


LML - S Deepak, B Naafs, S Noto and P Schreuder
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