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ILEP Questionnaire Urban Leprosy



Leprosy Mailing List – June 16,  2013 

Ref.:    (LML) ILEP Questionnaire  Urban Leprosy

From:  Dr. Marivic Balagon, Cebu, Philippines


Dear Dr. Schreuder, 


Rapid urbanization  brings along  challenges  such as migration, overcrowding  and difficult  access to basic health services  including leprosy. In leprosy, early findings suggest  that the rate of  treatment default and grade - 2 deformities  is proportionately higher in urban compared to  rural areas. In view of this, the poor implementation of leprosy control services  in urban settings has become a global concern , thus the need to look for  strategic measures to address this  problem.


Through this online survey, ILEP invites our colleagues and LML readers to share their  expertise  and  best practices to improve  the  leprosy control  services in urban  localities. Whatever are your insights / experiences  in urban leprosy , your  participation will certainly make a difference  in  the lives of  the patients  we serve.   


You may click the  LINK below  and you will be taken directly to the survey. Kindly send in your input   not  later than   June 30, 2013.

Thank you for  sharing with us your insights and  expertise by responding to this questionnaire.


Best regards,


Marivic Balagon

Leonard Wood Memorial Center for Leprosy Research

Cebu, Philippines          


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